Our Books

What on Earth publishes nonfiction books that engage children's natural curiosity and passion for learning. We offer our readers diverse perspectives on the world and help them connect the dots to build a lifetime of general knowledge.

We take great pleasure in helping children engage deeply with learning. Their surprise and delight as they make their own connections - realising not everyone sees the world exactly the same way in 'Eye Spy', noticing how many people over time and around the world have quested for immortality in 'Absolutely Everything', or gleefully counting the ghosts in every play in the 'Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook' - is what gets us up every morning.

Built for curiosity

We believe that knowledge is often presented out of context, leading to a fragmentation that makes it hard for natural curiosity to flow. As a result when you step back and try to connect the dots of the past, all you see are fragments – like a pane of shattered glass. Our timelines are designed to stimulate a journey of self-discovery through narrative and visualisation, restoring context in a way that rekindles the joy of discovering and sharing knowledge together.

Reads Like a Book

All our timelines can be enjoyed as conventional books. There are currently SIX topics in the series - Big History, Nature, Science & Engineering, Sport, Shakespeare and Magna Carta.

The Wallbook Chronicle

Our Wallbook timelines contain a series of chronologically ordered non-fiction stories written in the style of a newspaper to make them as accessible and exciting as possible, encouraging a love of literacy through non-fiction.

Fold-out Timelines

All our timelines can also be unfolded and spread out on a table or floor - or they can be attached to wall for permanent display. Stickerbook editions are 1.7m long, Wallbooks are 2.4m long and the laminated Posterbooks are 3m long.