What About Us?

What on Earth Publishing specialises in the art of telling stories through timelines. Our range of fold-out books make inspirational gifts for children but are equally as enjoyable for adults. We also run cross-curricular enrichment workshops for schools, museums and literary festivals that promote the joy of learning by connecting knowledge together through natural curiosity

Connecting the dots of the past

Take a look at the image above which is based on the Big History timeline. The date is 1520 and Henry VIII is on the throne of England. But see how you can also follow what’s happening in China, Europe, America and Africa!

Built for curiosity

We believe that knowledge is often presented out of context, leading to a fragmentation that makes it hard for natural curiosity to flow. As a result when you step back and try to connect the dots of the past, all you see are fragments – like a pane of shattered glass. Our timelines are designed to stimulate a journey of self-discovery through narrative and visualisation, restoring context in a way that rekindles the joy of discovering and sharing knowledge together.

Reads Like a Book

All our timelines can be enjoyed as conventional books. There are currently SIX topics in the series - Big History, Nature, Science & Engineering, Sport, Shakespeare and Magna Carta.

The Wallbook Chronicle

Our Wallbook timelines contain a series of chronologically ordered non-fiction stories written in the style of a newspaper to make them as accessible and exciting as possible, encouraging a love of literacy through non-fiction.

Fold-out Timelines

All our timelines can also be unfolded and spread out on a table or floor - or they can be attached to wall for permanent display. Stickerbook editions are 1.7m long, Wallbooks are 2.4m long and the laminated Posterbooks are 3m long.

Christopher Lloyd - Author

Christopher graduated with a double first in history from Cambridge in 1990 and went on to become the Technology Editor for The Sunday Times. He left in 2000 to become CEO of Immersive Education in Oxford before becoming an author in 2006. His best selling history of the world, called What on Earth Happened? (Bloomsbury 2008) is now in 15 languages and has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. He established his own publishing house What on Earth Publishing in Spring 2010 and has published a series of timelines in collaboration with illustrator Andy Forshaw covering history, nature, science, sport, Shakespeare and Magna Carta. Christopher is now in great demand as a lecturer and storyteller in schools, museums and at literary festivals throughout the UK and abroad. He divides his time between lecturing and writing.

Andy Forshaw - Illustrator

Andy graduated in graphic design with illustration from Central St Martins College in London. He has worked on all What on Earth? books and rose to the extraordinary challenge of drawing and colouring more than 1,000 original illustrations in less than 3 months for the What on Earth? Wallbook – between March and June 2010.

The What on Earth Catalogue

Would you like to stock What on Earth Books in your shop? Look through our 2018 Catalogue here, or contact us via info@whatonearthbooks.com to request a copy via post.

The What on Earth? Shop

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