Shakespeare Timeline Posterbook

Showcasing all thirty-eight plays across one stage, this 10-foot-long Shakespeare Timeline is fully durable and laminated. These posterbook editions make a stunning display both inside or outside.




These fabulous 10-foot long Wallbook displays are fully durable and laminated. Posterbooks make a stunning display for bedrooms, playrooms, landings at home or inside or outside for schools classrooms, departments, dining halls and reception areas – anywhere where people may like to stop, dwell and marvel at Shakespeare’s entire magnum opus of 38 plays!

Published in partnership with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the Shakespeare Timeline Posterbook illustrates the complete plays of William Shakespeare on a timeline set in the Globe Theatre. The main plot of each play is told through 3 dramatic moments, each one beautifully illustrated with the main characters and surrounded by quotations from the plays themselves. The timeline beneath also shows key events in Shakespeare’s life and around the world, occurring as the plays were written. A truly dramatic display.

Height: 21 inches
Width: 15 inches
Length (when fully unfolded): 10-foot-long
ISBN: 978-0-9954820-8-1