Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook

WINNER! Parents’ Choice Awards – GOLD!

See all thirty-eight histories, comedies and tragedies by William Shakespeare acted out in front of your eyes on a 6ft-long timeline featuring more than 1,000 pictures set in the iconic Globe Theatre.


What is it?

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S plays are presented as never before, with all 38 masterpieces performed in front to you at once on a timeline set in the iconic Globe Theatre. Spot the ghosts, hunt for the murderers, discover the poison and revel in Elizabethan romance as each play reveals its story with a plot summary, key quotes and characters. The timeline features essential moments in Shakespeare’s life providing a unique, visual and narrative context to the works of the world’s favorite bard. The Wallbook of Shakespeare also includes more than 30 newspaper articles, a 50-question quiz and a pocket magnifier. Perfect for 6-14 year olds but equally fascinating for adults of all ages.


What’s inside?

  • Visually engaging with more than 1,000 hand-drawn pictures
  • Encourages learning through curiosity, includes a pocket magnifier
  • Spine-bound hardback book that also folds out into a 6 foot-long timeline wallchart
  • Perforated edge allows timeline to be detached as a wallchart
  • Explores the history of the how Shakespeare has become the world’s favorite playwright through a wide range of newspaper-style articles
  • Ideal for children fascinated by non-fiction
  • Exciting for adults as well as children
  • Great as a gift for any curious child aged 6 -14

Facts & Figures

Height: 14 inches
Width: 10.5 inches
Length (when fully unfolded): 6 feet 

ISBN: 978-0-9932847-6-2



Finalist in Young Adult Non-Fiction category at The International Book Awards


Winner GOLD MEDAL in Parent’s Choice awards 

What other people are saying:

“A tremendously engaging resource … engrossing and packed with information this interactive book will capture fresh interest for the world’s most beloved playwright…” 

Booklist, Feb ’17    REVIEW


“A curious kid could spend hours pouring over this very visual item.” 

S. Tournas – Robbins library, Arlington, MA    REVIEW


“The Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook is unreservedly recommended and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to family, school, and community library collections.” 

Midwest Book Review   REVIEW


“Children LOVE the ‘What on Earth’  format and this is a book that I have used in class frequently. Children who claim to have no interest in Shakespeare are drawn in and can’t help but ask questions about what they see and read. It is an excellent starting point for further work!  One thing I really like about using it in class in how many children can be involved at one time, leading to lots of smaller discussions that can be fed back to everyone. 

This book is a valuable resource for history – life in Elizabethan (early Stuart!) times, history of the theatre, costume, buildings, etc. – and literacy- the plays, language, etymology etc. However, although the subject matter here is mainly history/ literacy, children can learn a lot about presenting information in different formats, evaluating its success and then applying this in contexts across the curriculum.”