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Christopher Lloyd, author, publishing entrepreneur and expert storyteller, introduces THE WHAT ON EARTH! SHOW—an engaging and lively event designed for schools and families alike, spanning ages from 7 to 90 years old!

His 60-minute event takes the audience on a journey through science, history and culture, as he reveals how the real world is more amazing than anything you can make up.

What happens during THE WHAT ON EARTH! SHOW?

Depending on the chosen event, Chris uses a variety of methods to make learning fun, whether its unveiling everyday objects tucked within his coat of many pockets to spark topics, showcasing his supersized foldout timeline as a graphical reference, or incorporating a range of quizzes to test the audience’s knowledge. Regardless of the topic, expect an abundance of high-energy interaction throughout! Christopher will sign books after in-person events or can organise to sign copies to send out after virtual events.

Who for?

Chris offers an extensive array of talks and workshops that can be customised for a wide age range from 7 to 16 – including some specialised talks for 16-18 year olds, teachers and parents. The event works brilliantly as a family friendly event too.

What topics does Chris cover?

These 60-minute events can focus on a variety of topics. Some of the most popular are:

  1. Absolutely Everything: A history of the world in 15 moments / objects
  2. The Story of Science & Engineering from Abstract to Infinity
  3. The Complete Plays of Shakespeare – a story of human nature
  4. The Story of the World in 100 Species (suitable for older students, too)
  5. Nature – 4 billion years of life on Earth in 10 top moments
  6. The Britannica Encyclopaedia Interactive Live Quiz Show (suitable for older students, too)
  7. It’s Up To Us – The Story of Climate Change put into context: past, present and future
  8. The Five Wows – Developing a Lifelong Love of Learning (ideal older students, adults and parents) – this develops ideas of creating a much more integrated cross-curricular approach to learning, focussing on the natural learning systems of the brain

If you let Chris know your aim, then he can make a suggestion of what will work best for you.


As Christopher is based in the UK, it would be virtual for most events. However he does travel regularly so if you are looking for an in-person event then do approach him!

Why does Christopher offer these events? / Tell me more about Christopher!

Christopher Lloyd began his career as a journalist with the Sunday Times newspaper. Then, one day, he had a realisation: even with a 1st class degree in history from Cambridge University and experience as a science writer, there was so much about the world he didn’t know. So, he set out to write a book that showed how seemingly unrelated events fit together. After his adult world history book What on Earth Happened? sold 500,000 copies around the world, Chris set out to tell the story to children through his very own publishing company, What on Earth!, with a list of innovative nonfiction titles and a magazine. Lloyd divides his time between writing, speaking (at schools and literary festivals) and giving lectures on tours all over the world. He lives in Tonbridge, Kent, with his wife and two adorable terriers.

Sales and signings:

We’d love to work with you so you have the relevant books available for your audience to buy and make sure that Chris can sign the books. The books that link to the events include:

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