The Shakespeare Timeline Wallbook

For the first time ever see all 38 plays being performed at the same time in the iconic Globe Theatre. Spot the ghosts, hunt down the murderers, discover the poison and revel in Elizabethan romance as each play unfolds on a 6-foot long timeline with plot summaries, key quotes and characters.

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Unfold the complete works of Shakespeare.


The Wallbook Collection – Available this October!


Our amazing trilogy of Wallbook timelines covers Nature, Science and Big History – a unique perspective on the story of the Universe in association with the American Museum of Natural History  – ideal for all curious people aged 6 to infinity!

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This series has been developed in association with experts at The American Museum of Natural History. Each title contains a specially designed hard-back 6 foot-long fold-out detachable timeline with more than 1,000 pictures and captions. Key moments from the timelines are told in a series of more than 80 newspaper articles, with a selection of fun letters-to-the-editor and quizzes. Unlike anything ever produced before, this beautiful box-set encyclopaedia of knowledge is perfect for all curious people aged 6 to infinity and is priced at just $54.95! Only 1,000 sets have been made so please hurry!

Publishing on October 3rd, 2017.  Click on the link below to read more and to reserve your copy!

What on Earth Publishing specializes in the art of telling stories through timelines.

We produce unique fold-out books that promote the joy of learning through natural curiosity.
We also run inspirational workshops for schools, literary festivals, family events, home educators, colleges, universities and for teacher training.
Curious to see what we’ll be publishing in North America in 2017?


Bridges or Walls?

See Episode 3 of Christopher Lloyd’s new video series on the History of Britain!

To celebrate The British History Wallbook, in collaboration with the National Trust, Christopher Lloyd has filmed a series of 10 short videos charting the main forces that have shaped our island story from 60 million years ago to the present day. Join him for the Episode 3 on the story of walls – or see the whole series to date!

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Watch Episode 3


We have written 10 wonderful creative activities to be enjoyed by teachers, parents and kids. Download a FREE pre-release copy from our Activity Zone now!


British History Prize Quiz

Test your knowledge with our 10 question What on Earth? / Sunday Times British History Quiz


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New Wallbook launched!

Our sixth book in the series, and quite possibly the most detailed timeline of British History ever!

“The most innovative approach to non-fiction since Horrible Histories, the What On Earth? Wallbooks present information in a way guaranteed to inspire children’s curiosity and to stimulate real enthusiasm for learning.”

Lovereading4Kids – November 2015


Find out more about our philosophy of why making narrative connections is a far more powerful way of learning than  splitting knowledge into discrete disconnected fragments.



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