Nose Knows

Lift the flaps to take a fresh sniff at the world from an animal’s perspective – all you have to do is follow your nose!

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"Though human noses are rather spectacular, other animals have us beat: e.g., an elephant’s sense of smell is five times better than a human’s and twice as good as a dog’s. Figueras and de Gastold have created a unique book for children to learn about the world of smell. Noses are for breathing, but they’re also for locating food, friends, enemies, danger, or even finding one’s way. The informational book’s oversize picture-book format includes fact strips along the bottom of the pages and numerous flaps for children to lift and view an otherwise hidden aspect of the animal or setting. The flaps’ interiors offer additional information to further educate readers. An interesting mix of animals are included, from whales and sharks to bees and mosquitoes to star-nosed moles and ring-tailed lemurs, and the text highlights not only their noses but also how some creatures deliberately communicate with smelly glands or pheromones. The book’s muted, engaging illustrations and interactive format invite quiet adult-child explorations of the natural world."

Publishers Weekly

"Trunks, snouts, rostrums, muffles, beaks, and muzzles take center stage in this captivating investigation into the power of smell. Arranged by theme and loosely progressing from basic concepts to specific animal behaviors, each spread uses short text blocks to concisely present information on the sense’s specifics. De Gastold’s realistic illustrations engagingly incorporate amusing details and are augmented by lift-the-flap features that offer varying perspectives, zoomed-in views, and additional facts." - Starred Review

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