So you think you’re special? You think that just because people have built giant cities, invented pop-up toasters and put a person on the Moon that they are somehow different from other living things? Well it’s time to think again!

Longlisted for UKLA Book Awards 2021

Incredible Ways Animals Are Just Like us!

Humanimal shows the inextricable interconnections of the human and animal worlds in ways you never before imagined…

Inside you will discover how slime moulds can solve how to navigate through a maze; how rats tickle and laugh out loud; how elephants have funerals for their lost loved ones; how bees vote in elections to decide where to locate their nests; how crows use cars to crack nuts and a whole lot more!

This oversized, richly illustrated, mesmerising exploration shows that humans and other animals don’t just live on the same planet, they also share many of the same patterns of behaviour, making us all fellow players in the drama that is life on Earth.

Author Christopher Lloyd introduces Humanimal:

Author: Christopher Lloyd

Illustrator: Mark Ruffle

  • Hardcover: 48 pages
  • Publisher: What on Earth Publishing (26 Sept. 2019)
  • Age Range: 7-11
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 191292000X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1912920006
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 0.8 x 28.7 cm

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North Somerset's Teachers' Book Awards

The illustrations are lovely, using bold blocks of colour and showing the creatures sensitively. I particularly love the spread of the bees on honeycomb and flower. This is great book to add to the class or school library, encouraging children to pause and consider the similarities between us.”

The School Librarian (SLA)

“This over-sized hardback non-fiction title is presented in a logical and accessible format ... This is a superb non-fiction title that is enjoyable to read from cover to cover or simply to dip into for some fascinating facts. An outstanding book with an intriguing title which will entice the most reluctant of readers."

Parents in Touch

"A great way for young readers to learn about empathy."


"These examples give a fascinating insight to the similarities between species and promote sympathy with the animal world - which can only be a good thing for future generations."

Books for Keeps - 5 star review

"Quite amazing, and the author's enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. Should be in every school library."

Armadillo Magazine

"A wealth of information about the ways in which animals work, build, live and have fun together."

My Shelves are Full

"Completely engrossing, worthy of praise and hours of time spent perusing and reading."

Big Issue - Kids' books of the year 2019

"A rich, colourful guide to 'incredible ways animals are just like us', this book will increase children's interest in, and empathy with living creatures, as well as making them laugh."

Absolutely Mama

"Little ones will be fascinated to discover just how similar they are to a surprising variety of creatures."

Irish Examiner

"A highly interesting account of animal behaviour brought alive by Mark Ruffle's vibrant illustrations."

Tom, aged 7, National Geographic Kids

"Made me feel amazed, spooked and excited at the same time because animals are so similar to us ... Overall I would describe it as vibrant, exciting and a bit wild."

Lancashire Evening Post

Brilliant … Brimming with Lloyd’s energy and enthusiasm, and with fun and learning on every page, this is a glorious celebration of our enduring relationship with all creatures great and small.”

Read it, Daddy!

"Great Scott!! What On Earth Books are producing some truly amazing non-fiction titles at the moment, and this one's so good that we just had to slap a 'Book of the Week' award on it."

Youth Services Book Review

"This is an informative book filled with amazing facts that show many of the traits that we feel make us uniquely human are actually shared by a variety of creatures ... This is a wonderful book that celebrates the living world and raises awareness of our interconnectedness to other species. The book includes a glossary, a photo and paragraph about each of the scientists cited, an index and selected sources. The illustrations, in a bold graphic style, perfectly compliment the text."

Savannah Kitchens, Parnell Memorial Library, Montevallo, AL, School Library Journal

"A fun and thought-provoking look at animals that are just like us. An excellent choice for any nonfiction collection."

Kirkus Reviews

"Eye-opening discoveries for readers who think only humans grieve, play, or admire themselves in mirrors."

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