The Story of Sport

Pupils who think history is just about kings, queens and battles are in for a shock with this mind-boggling journey through 3 million years asking the simple, but intriguing question: why do people play sport?


Join Christopher Lloyd on a quest that begins millions of years ago in the Stone Ages with the first human ancestors who learned to walk on two feet, giving them freely available hands – essential for playing sport. The story then covers a dizzying array of cultures from hunter-gatherer cave people to the Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Tudors, Victorians and ending with the revival of the modern Olympics and London 2012. First given at City Hall, London in May 2012.

Topics covered include:

Stone Ages, Ancient Greek sports, Roman Empire, Islamic expansion, Aztecs, Tudors, Victorians and the revival of the Olympics in modern times since 1896.

Age range

From ages 8 upwards

“It was such a wonderful day for everyone, thank you so much for coming to Hazlegrove”,

Naomi Warren, 7th March 2016

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