The Story of Science and Engineering

TAKE AN EPIC VOYAGE through the history of science from the stone ages to the present day using a giant timeline of more than 1,000 pictures and captions over 10,000 years!


Gib science medium

The story of how humans have reshaped the world over the last 10,000 years is the story of science & engineering. This giant narrative takes in 14 of the most significant discoveries covering the complete scientific spectrum from maths (abstract) to astronomy (infinity). The talk, accompanied by a coat of many pockets and a giant edition of the Wallbook of Science & Engineering, also gets students to think about the unintended consequences of scientific endeavour. Have they changed the word for the better – or worse – it will be up to the audience to decide! Ideal for cross-curricular integration, science, maths and history departments.

Topics covered include:

Maths – Zero, mechanical calculators, Physics: E=MC2, Nuclear Age, Biology: Dangers of smoking, Edward Jenner and the story of vaccinations; Earth Sciences – Plate tectonics, Natural Selection, Inventions – Light Bulb, Steam Power, Transport and Communications – Birth of writing, Steam trains, Flight & Space – Wright brothers, Edwin Hubble.

Key Stage / Grade Level

Can be customised to suit from Year 1 to A -Level / Adult.

“It was such a wonderful day for everyone, thank you so much for coming to Hazlegrove”

Naomi Warren, 7th March 2016

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