The Story of Life on Earth

An amazing journey through the four-billion-year story of life on Earth using a timeline of more than 1,000 species, a coat of many pockets and 14 everyday objects

Chris Lloyd w grade 507

Join Christopher Lloyd on a spectacular voyage through the 4-billion year story of life on Earth stopping off at the most significant evolutionary episodes that have most shaped the development of life on our planet.

Using a coat of 14 pockets, a series of everyday objects and a giant edition of the What on Earth? Wallbook of Nature (developed in partnership with the Natural History Museum) as a backdrop, this talk is ideal for Science departments or non-fiction workshops.

Topics covered include:

Water cycle, bacteria, photosynthesis, beginning of life on land, age of reptiles, dinosaurs extinction, plant reproduction and pollination, rock cycle, hominid evolution, impact of the anthropocene.

Age range:

Age 6 to high school levels

“It was such a wonderful day for everyone, thank you so much for coming to Hazlegrove”,

Naomi Warren, 7th March 2016

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