Open Wide! Activity Sheet

Can you match these awesome jaws, teeth, tongues, and spit facts to the right animal? Based on Open Wide! Jaw-dropping mouths of the animal world by Letizia Diamante. Down the free activity sheet and answer sheet now.

Gross FACTopia! Coloring Sheet

There is something amazing about Gross FACTopia! Every fact is linked to the next, and in the most surprising and stomach-churning ways. Download this free coloring sheet, to learn amazing facts including that in just one day, a cow can produce enough wind to fill 30 balloons! Based on Gross FACTopia! Follow the Trail of […]

Secret FACTopia! Activity Sheet

In Secret FACTopia! take an undercover journey through hundreds of the most mind-blowing, wow-worthy and crazy-cool classified facts. Download our free Secret FACTopia! activity sheet to see if you can you find the word which links each mysterious fact. Use each word twice to connect one fact to the next. The first one has been […]

Galápagos Islands Wordsearch

Can you find the 10 animals hidden in this wordsearch? All the animals live on the Galápagos Islands or in the sea around them. Based on Galápagos Islands: The World’s Living Laboratory.

Solstice activity sheet

Discover what the June solstice is like around the world with our free activity sheet. Then draw a picture or write about what you do on the June solstice. Or imagine what it would be like to experience the solstice in another country. Share your drawings with us on social media. Based on Solstice: Around […]

How to Teach Grown-Ups about Climate Change Educator Guide

Download this free teacher’s guide on how to activate climate change agents in the classroom. Perfect for Grades 3-5, the guide tackles misinformation and helps students gain a new understanding of global warming so they can become a protector of the planet in the classroom, at home and throughout the community. Based on How to Teach […]

How to Teach Grown-ups About Climate Change True or False Quiz

How much do you know about climate change and the environment? Test yourself – and your grown-up – with our special True (It’s a Fact) and False (Nope, that’s not true!) climate change quiz. Based on How to Teach Your Grown-ups about Climate Change.

Evolution word search

Click here to download an evolution wordsearch. Search forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally to find the 15 hidden words. To dive into the history of life on Earth and learn what evolution is and how it works, check out Evolution by Sarah Darwin & Eva-Maria Sadowski.

Science FACTopia! Activity Sheet

There is something special about Science FACTopia!. Every fact is linked to the next, and in the most surprising and even hilarious ways. Download our free Science FACTopia! activity sheet to see if you can find the words which link the facts to one another. Use each word twice to connect one fact to the […]