Shakespeare Competition Winner!

Thank you for all the wonderful and creative entries to our competition last month. We really loved reading your poems and seeing your artistic and colourful creations, and it's been so brilliant to see how inspired you have all been by the legend that is Shakespeare!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is…


Felicity W. who entered her stunning sonnet! We are sure her and her family will enjoy the prize from The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and you can read her fantastic entry below. Congratulations Felicity!



Today the birds are blossoming into song,

And in the oven bakes a hot cross bun.

My heart cries out for what I’ve missed so long:

The gentle touch of living from the sun.


The peaceful blueness of the clearing sky

Is calling up the swelling of the bud.

Released from snow, excited birds can fly

Above the raging torrents of the flood.


The mild, showery blessing of the rain

Renews my soul to grow my hopeful seed:

Miraculous dispersal of the pain

That choked my mind so long with briar and weed.


The friendly sweetness of the welcome light

Destroys the tangling knot and ends my plight.



By Felicity W,  age 10.