Boxed Sets

Brilliant value boxed set containing a trio of Timeline Wallbooks: Big History, Nature and Science.

  • Stickerbook Collection

    Get all three Stickerbooks in the What on Earth? series, covering the entire curriculum from Big History, to Nature and Science.

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  • The Wallbook Timeline Collection

    WINNER! Parents’ Choice Awards – GOLD!

    Get all three American Museum of Natural History Wallbook Timelines for just $54.95 – telling the awesome story of Nature, Science and Big History all in a fabulous gift-set. Ideal for all ages from 6 to 106!

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  • What on Earth Posterbook Collection

    Get all five Posterbook timelines in the What on Earth Posterbook Collection series for just $199 – covering key moments across the core curriculum from Big History, Nature and Sport to Science, and Shakespeare.

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