• Zoom Space Adventure

    Join Ava and her cat as they pilot their rocket to the furthest reaches of the solar system!

    A board book for kids aged 1-3

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  • Ocean: Secrets of the deep

    Dive into the Ocean and discover all the Secrets of the deep! From clown fish to killer whales, and sunlit coral reefs to smoking deep-sea vents – welcome to our great global ocean.

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  • Illinois Chronicles

    Beautifully illustrated and hugely engaging, the 4.5-foot-long timeline features more than 100 stunning images and illuminating captions that take readers young and old on the Prairie State’s remarkable journey. The Illinois Chronicles also includes more than 50 newspaper articles, written as if they happened yesterday.

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  • Illinois Chronicles (30-Copy Class Set)

    Purchase a 30-copy class set, reducing the cost per book to just $10 each! Each set comes complete with free hardcopy of the K-12 Educator’s Pack (worth $6.99) and site licence electronic resources kit. Available exclusively through What on Earth.

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  • Big History Timeline Wallbook

    Depicts millions of years of evolution, the rise and fall of civilisations, one hundred of the top battles and the story of planet, life and people from the Big Bang to today on a glorious 2m-long fold-out wallchart.

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