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What on Earth? Books wins an International Book Award!

Wow! What a result…not one but two of our Wallbooks have received a great accolade in this year’s International Book Awards. Our Nature Wallbook has been awarded best title in the Young Adults Non-Fiction category, with our Shakespeare Wallbook coming in second place to it!

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Amazing set of Shakespeare top trumps!

We love seeing what people get up to with their walbooks. Take a look at this amazing set of Shakespeare Top Trump cards that Sidney from Grantham, Lincs in the UK created using her Shakespeare Wallbook!

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‘Wow’ Gifts for Grandchildren

Want to entice the grandkids away from their screens this Christmas? Trying to elicit more than a one word response? Give them a What on Earth? timeline.

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What on Earth shall I give dad?

Dads can be the trickiest of all! Bowl them over with fact-packed, mind-blowing, fast-paced, tedium-busting books bursting with knowledge.

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Are you a Trivia Buff?

Wow your family and friends with your endless knowledge of world history, scientific breakthroughs, Shakespearean characters and sporting records.

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The humble origins of coffee

Kaldi was a nomadic goatherd who lived in tenth-century Ethiopia. One day, it was said, his goats went crazy munching the red berries of an unknown wild bush. Maybe out of curiosity, or perhaps boredom, Kaldi ate some of the fruits himself. Not long after, he was spotted dancing gaily among his goats by some passing monks who lived nearby.

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What on Earth? Nature Quiz

Why not try your luck with our quick quiz to test out your knowledge about nature? You've nothing to lose, not even your pride! See how you fare with our brain-teasing six questions and enter your email address to receive your score and a personalised answer sheet. Good luck!