Brilliant Marley wins our January £100 prize!

February 03, 2017


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at What on Earth to the fabulous Marley from Devon with his AMAZING deck of Top Trump cards! 

Marley is the first winner in our £100 monthly prize giveaway. Other great entries include Patrick’s quiz and graph and Eliot and Neil’s amazing robotic cookers!

Our monthly prizes are open to any child who completes one of the activities in our Free to download Activity Book

Isabelle, Marley’s Mum, said there was shock and awe at the house when Marley discovered he was this month’s winner:

“Oh my goodness! That is amazing news. I can’t tell the whooping, holloring and joyful jumping that has been going on from Marley’s room and all around the house. I am worried the ceilings might fall down! Thank you so so much”, she said.

And as for Marley, well, he says he is literally over the moon: ‘WHOOP! Thank you so so so so much to the power of 100. I am absolutely over the moon. This project was the best ever.”

Click here to see Marley’s amazing deck of cards


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