Absolutely Everything- the Audiobook

Buckle up for an extraordinary ride through the 14-billion year history of Absolutely Everything! This remarkable story – presented and narrated by world history storyteller Christopher Lloyd - sweeps through natural history, the stone ages, ancient history and into the present day and beyond....

The audiobook isn’t officially launched until June 1st, 2020, but you can pre-order your download by
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Listen below to Christopher Lloyd reading four excerpts from the new Absolutely Everything! audiobook – as featured on the Dominic King show on BBC Radio Kent.

The Big Bang

Christopher Lloyd introduces the audiobook edition of Absolutely Everything! by explaining the important of connecting knowledge together. In this first excerpt we witness the beginning of the Universe with what scientists call The Big Bang.

Ancient Inventions

We shoot forward in time billions of years until we arrive at the dawn of human civilisations. Discover what wonders ancient people conceived that changed the world forever, including the most amazing innovation of all – mind-reading technology!

Medieval Misery

What was the world like 1,000 years ago? In our third extract author and narrator Christopher Lloyd plunges us in to the medieval world where trading and raiding were different sides of the same coin. We even meet a conqueror, the most famous in all British history. Can you guess who?

To Be Continued…

After journeying through 14 billion years we arrive in the world we live in today. The last extract from the last chapter of Absolutely Everything! is aptly entitled To Be Continued because, despite all the problems of the world today, our story has not yet come to an end…. what happens next? Live and let see!