Flying off the Shelves! Astonishing Demand for the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia

October 16, 2020

Demand for the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t has exceeded all expectations with the title selling 30,000 copies in less than a week. This success marks Britannica Encyclopaedia’s return to print publishing in spectacular style with the book produced as part of a collaboration between What on Earth Publishing and expert consultants at Britannica.

The overwhelmingly positive reception the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia has received reflects how the market for non-fiction children’s books is growing rapidly. In the first week of its publication the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia sold over 6,000 copies. In the US, the encyclopedia is similarly in high demand with forward orders totalling more than 10,000 copies and Costco ordering another 10,000. In Australia, where What on Earth’s titles are distributed by Walker Books, demand has already reached 5,000 copies.

Christopher Lloyd, founder of What on Earth Publishing and the encyclopedia’s editor, commented in response to the book’s astonishing success:

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our team we are now putting in place our fourth reprint, which is fairly incredible given we are only a few days after UK publication!

Summed up by Nikki Gamble, Director of Just Imagine, as “a triumph of nonfiction publishing for children which sets a gold standard” (Exploring Children’s Literature). The Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia is the most up to date and trustworthy encyclopedia for children on the market with over 100 experts at Britannica behind every page.

Head to the What on Earth Bookshop to order your copy now. 

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