World Book Day

February 09, 2018

Next month will see the annual appearance of one of my favourite days of the year. A special day when in playgrounds across the country you can see Gangsta Granny playing football with Harry Potter, Willy Wonka laughing with Angelina Ballerina and The Hungry Caterpillar chasing the Gruffalo. Yes, 1st March is World Book Day, so it’s time to get out the egg cartons, the sticky tape and grandpa’s old shirt and start conjuring up those costumes!

The concept behind World Book Day is to promote and encourage a love of reading. But this doesn’t have to mean ‘stories’. As a Primary Teacher in my previous life, I found many pupils in my class would opt to read non-fiction books; football annuals, How to care for your pet guinea pig, The Guinness book of records. The joy children get from a non-fiction text is all the rich information they come away with, the treasure trove of ‘did you know’ facts that they find fascinating. It’s the love of learning things without being taught. The independent education about the world around them. A little boy with Asperger’s had a ritual of reading me a new fact from his book every morning when he entered the classroom. He was so thrilled to know something that his teacher didn’t and be able to impart this wisdom. And I was equally as thrilled to see the joy that reading was bringing to him.

It cemented my belief that books truly are a wonderful tool for learning, whether children are getting lost in this world or some other.


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Illinois Chronicles to go to every school in the State!

What on Earth Publishing is delighted to announce that the Illinois200 Bicentennial Committee is funding the purchase and distribution of 10,000 copies of The Illinois Chronicles, a new approach to learning about State history K-12. All 5,000 schools in the State will receive two copies of the book, which is officially published on February 12th […]

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Timeline Collection Wins Top U.S. Award

What on Earth Publishing’s ground-breaking series of fold-out timelines – The Timeline Collection – yesterday won the prestigious gold medal in the Parents’ Choice Foundation non-fiction children’s book awards. The awards, established in 1978, are one of the most highly respected in the country.


Eighty MPH Mom reviews our Science Wallbook

“It is a great resource for all of his students – teaching science in a fun and interesting way! It is certainly much better than reading out of a textbook. When my husband was working on his teaching degree, he studied many different styles of teaching. Not everyone learns in the same way.

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Weekend Jaunts review The Nature Wallbook.

The Weekend Jaunts is a daily website dedicated to local travel and adventures in New York. This month in Kids Book Corner they reviewed our upcoming Nature Wallbook, published in association with The American Museum of Natural History.

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What on Earth? Books wins an International Book Award!

Wow! What a result…not one but two of our Wallbooks have received a great accolade in this year’s International Book Awards. Our Nature Wallbook has been awarded best title in the Young Adults Non-Fiction category, with our Shakespeare Wallbook coming in second place to it!

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An AMAZING talk, according to Gabe….

Last month we went to a presentation one evening at the kids’ school called “A History of the World in 20 Objects”. The presentation was given by author Christopher Lloyd, who wrote the book “What on Earth Happened”, and it was nothing short of amazing. The kids loved it, Matt and I loved it, and it’s actually resulted in multiple family discussions on historical events that have been both fun and interesting.


King Harold falls at Hastings as Normans invade England

THEY SAY that a month is a long time in politics. It’s even longer if you are an eleventh-century English king. On 25 September, the English king Harold Godwinson celebrated a magnificent victory at Stamford Bridge, in Yorkshire, after defeating an army of Norwegian invaders. But less than three weeks later he lay dead on a battlefield near Hastings, on the south coast, after his army was annihilated by French forces led by William, Duke of Normandy.


British History Story #3 – The Roman Invasion

World history is peppered with stories of walls: Hadrian’s Wall, The Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall. None of them were particularly successful at keeping people out – or keeping people in depending on your perspective! So what is this fascination with walls all about? Christopher Lloyd explores…..

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The bigger the story the better!

Most people, especially when they write non-fiction books – are specialists of some kind. Our modern culture is obsessed with people being experts, doctors and professors – so much so that to succeed in getting a good job (or being taken seriously as a non-fiction author) you must be an expert. “What’s your special topic?” asks John Humphries, host of the famous BBC Series Mastermind. Maybe it’s a species, an event in history, a famous person, an invention, a movement or a historic place.


Brick Castle reviews Wallbook of British History

I love looking at new books with my children, and sometimes a different sort of book comes along that really makes us pay attention. The What On Earth? Wallbook Of British History is definitely very different – and very impressive.From outside the hardback cover the Wallbook Timeline Of British History looks like a regular large format book, but open it out and inside is a pocket magnifier, a 2 metre long pullout wallbook, and an 18 page copy of The Chronicle – a brilliant mock up of an imaginary newspaper.

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Sunday Times British History Poster

Christopher Lloyd and Andy Forshaw have teamed up with the Sunday Times to produce a unique What on Earth? British History poster. It will be distributed free with the newspaper throughout the UK on Sunday April 10th. The poster features 20 of the top moments in our island’s history from the formation of Giant’s Causeway 60 million years ago to the present day. The back page depicts a list of all the Kings & Queens from 1066 to 2016 with key achievements from each reign.

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Listening to the Sounds of Science!

The Sounds of Science is a three-way collaboration between solo percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, composer Jill Jarman and Wallbook author Christopher Lloyd. The project aims to demonstrate how a narrative timeline can be conveyed effectively through a soundscape. Click here to see a video excerpt of the world premier in Edinburgh

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A Bayeux Tapestry for the 21st Century

With over 1,000 captions and illustrations, readers are taken on a visually exhilarating journey through the ages: from the dinosaurs, the Battle of Hastings, Henry VIII’s Reformation, Oliver Cromwell’s Civil War, George Stephenson’s Rocket to the invention of the internet by Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s…and beyond!


Famous Author Christopher Lloyd Visits Truro Prep

Children’s author and historian Christopher Lloyd visited Truro Prep School on Wednesday 20 January to run an interactive workshop on Shakespeare. Mr Lloyd first taught Years Two, Three and Four in the Pre-Prep Hall followed by a second presentation to Years Five and Six later in the day.

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Winners of the ‘It’s extinct!’ November Book Club Competition Announced

We were inundated with some fantastic and scary pictures following November's Book Club competition in which we asked members to draw an extinct animal. We had great fun judging them all but there could only be three winners - congratulations to Nathan, Sebastian and Xander who have each won a personalised T-Rex-shirt.


Autumn aprons at the ready!

“Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell”. Who didn’t love belting that one out in assembly? But not only does the month of October bring with it glorious misty mornings and the crunch of rusty leaves beneath our feet, but also…National Baking Week! That’s right my friends, an […]


Finally…National Ice Cream Day is here!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! There seems to be a national day for everything now, almost to the point of ridiculousness, but one that I am firmly in favour of, or should I say, flavour of, is National Ice Cream Day on 17th July. We hardly need a special day […]


National Share-A-Story Month

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May” said Shakespeare in Sonnet 18, and don’t we know it! Following our gorgeously sunshine-filled April, this bad weather is an unwelcome turn of events to say the least. Having encouraged you all to get outside and enjoy the delights that Spring nature has to offer us, […]