What on Earth Wonderbox!

The fabulous Wallbook Wonderbox – designed to help teachers and students see the big picture and make sense of learning by connecting the curriculum together


Each What on Earth Wonderbox contains:

  • THREE copies of all SIX Wallbooks – Big History, British History, Nature, Sport, Science and Shakespeare. One for the teacher, one for the classroom and one for the school library.
  • TWO copies of all SIX What on Earth? Stickerbooks – ideal for individual project work and exploration for reception and KS 1
  • What on Earth Happened? – The complete story of planet, life and people from the Big Bang to the present day, this global best-selling history-of-everything by Christopher Lloyd contains more than 200 illustrations and maps, connecting ALL subjects in the curriculum into an easy-to-read narrative of the past – ideal for pupils and teachers and the school library.
  • Posterbook Pack – a set of all SIX 3m long laminated timelines covering Big History, British History Nature, Sport, Science or Shakespeare.
  • Magna Carta Class Set – 36 copies of the fabulous new Magna Carta Chronicle (publication date 20th April 2015)
  • Wallbook Teacher Resource Pack  – Includes a wide range of curriculum-mapped, interdisciplinary KS 2 and KS 3 activities, quizzes and other resources covering Literacy, PSHE, Sport, Science, Art, History, Geography and Creative Writing.
  • The value of Wonderbox if contents bought separately £876! Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery. Price includes delivery to mainland UK addresses and VAT.

Height: 34 cms
Width: 25 cms
Length: 47 cms

For dimensions of each product, please see individual product pages.


Florence Altenburger
Star Star Star Star Star

I just saw a one hour presentation in my school and thought it was one of the most inspiring experience. The way all these dots are being connected so effortlessly in front of us (no doubt it's after years of research and thinking) was astonishing! I bought the book and will be reading it this summer! Florence

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