Nature Timeline Wallbook

The complete story of natural history in 1,000 species on a 2m-long fold-out timeline beginning with the formation of the Earth to the latest breakthroughs in evolutionary science.



What is it?

EXPLORE LIFE ON EARTH with the most visually stunning timeline of evolution ever created, stretching back 4 billion years to the first signs of life in the seas. Then witness the emergence of multi-cellular life, the colonisation of the land, the reign of dinosaurs, mass extinctions, the migration of mammals and finally, the story of humanity from the first two-legged hominids to a world populated by more than 7 billion people today. The Wallbook of Nature also includes more than 30 newspaper articles, a 50-question quiz and a pocket magnifier. Perfect for 7-14 year olds but equally fascinating for adults of all ages. Created in partnership with experts at the Natural History Museum.


What’s inside?

  • Visually engaging with more than 1,000 hand-drawn pictures
  • Encourages learning through curiosity, includes a pocket magnifier
  • Spine-bound hardback book that also folds out into a 2 metre-long timeline wallchart
  • Perforated edge allows timeline to be detached as a wallchart
  • Explores the story of life on Earth though a wide range of newspaper-style articles
  • Ideal for children fascinated by non-fiction
  • Exciting for adults as well as children
  • Great as a gift for any curious child aged 7-14


Facts & Figures

Height: 36 cms
Width: 27 cms
Depth: 0.8 cms
Length (when fully unfolded): 2 metres

ISBN: 978-09932-847-9-3

What other people are saying:

“Great fold out book that is great fun to read and to look at the pictures (I realise that makes me sound very childish and possibly retarded). Im 26 years old with no kids or anything, but this would be great for anyone of any age to enjoy. I mean I wont be throwing this up on the wall as it is intended to but I will happily flick through it. I can see a kid really loving this thing though as it is interesting having a book that can instantly transform into an informative long poster of design and research, a treat to eye and brain alike.”


“These books are amazing and just full of information. Could appeal to anyone of any age but I think particularly good for enquiring minds aged 6 – 10. These books will really come to life for you if you manage to catch Christopher Lloyd doing a show. He is really interesting and engaging for children and they really want to participate in sharing the knowledge! We first came across him at the Fossil festival in Lyme so were interested in this book first which shows life developing from the beginning of time through the dinosaur age, ice age, etc. Our son has spent ages poring over these books and even did his own wall book for a school project.


To call it a book might be a slightly misleading. In fact this is a wall chart, a newspaper, a quizbook and an intellectual “Where’s Wally”. The amount of information included is quite phenomenal and I have so far only scratched the surface myself.  This is a really impressive publication. A fun and accessible way of presenting the history and timeline of nature. This would be a brilliant resource to keep at home and instantly makes me want to visit The Natural History Museum to see some of these things in the flesh (or bones when it comes to the dinosaurs!).

Angela –

Nature Wallbook Comment

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