Nature Timeline Wallbook

The complete story of natural history in 1,000 species on a 6ft-long fold-out timeline, beginning with the formation of the Earth to breakthroughs in evolutionary science, in association with the American Museum of Natural History.

Sorry, this entry is only available in American English.


Lucy H Pearce, Juno Magazine

"It simply sings to info-philes and visual learners alike. With parallel timelines for all continents, developments on land, sky and sea, more than a thousand illustrations, it is a superlative mastery of design and research, a treat to eye and brain alike."

"The What on Earth? series of wallbooks have become known for delivering the facts - on various subjects - in a fun, informative and visually appealing way. These books deliver on many levels and I couldn't be more impressed. Never mind the children - I'd like the whole series for myself!"

Sunday Times

"Astonishing - perfect for all the family."

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