Music – A Fold Out Graphic History

Follow this unique 8-foot long fold-out graphic timeline through a celebration of the history of music all around the world from 60,000 years ago to the present day!

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“Beautifully designed.”

Jennifer Krauss, The New York Times

"This exuberant overview of an art form that makes us laugh and cry, call and respond, twist and shout does a pretty good job of covering the world’s greatest hits from prehistory to artificial intelligence."

School Library Journal

"This unique history of music consists of a timeline of key musical events throughout history, broken up by full-page spreads describing early music, recording technology, The Beatles, and contemporary music ... Onomatopoetic expressions accompany the vibrant illustrations, creating a soundscape to supplement the time line. There are fascinating details of each event, which will reward readers who take the time to peruse the book carefully. Young people with a strong interest in music will enjoy the information presented here."

Kirkus Reviews

"Unfolds a world of music for casual as well as serious listeners."

"Folded, appropriately enough, accordion style, a panoramic survey of noteworthy music and music makers from bone flutes to Beyoncé."

Youth Services Book Review

“The gatefold format allows readers to read across in bands of information, or down to continue reading in a particular chronological era, or to unfold the whole book for a gigantic two sided tapestry of information. From the ancient Stone Age (30,000 BCE) art of musicians of Central India up through Grime, a form of electronic dance music in the UK in 2019, many, many cultures, continents, and performers are covered … the authors do a great job of including folk, religious, classical, and native musicians, instruments and styles. Short but pithy blurbs accompany the visuals. Many people of color are represented. It’s an all inclusive visual treat!

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