Marvellous Machines

Take a look inside some of the world’s most incredible machines and inventions!

Have you ever wondered what s going on inside some of the world’s most incredible machines and inventions?

Here’s a sneak peak inside a whole world of Marvellous Machines!

Using the see-through magic lens, you can learn about mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering by exploring the inner workings of machines.

In your kitchen or bedroom, beneath city streets or far up in space, machines are at work day and night making, moving, building and even thinking for us. In this eye-catching book, you can explore the hidden inner workings of machines and inventions: from everyday objects like toasters and bicycles, to cutting-edge technologies such as pill-sized medical robots and super-fast maglev trains. The see-through magic lens will reveal how all these machines work, showing all the elements hidden within them from wires and pipes, to magnetic and gravitational forces.

The ideal gift book for budding scientists and engineers aged 7+

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Author: Jane Wilsher

Illustrator: Andrés Lozano

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 48 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1912920198
  • Reading age: 7 years and up

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