Explorer Bundle

New Explorer series bundle – available for a limited time only

**AVAILABLE – For the Month of May only!**

‘A fantastic look at the history and evolution of invertebrates that is beautifully illustrated and very easy to get into and understand for both young and old.’ 

        –  Mark Bushell, Curator of Invertebrates, Bristol Zoo Gardens


‘Jam-packed with facts, figures and captivating illustrations, sure to excite the minds of children of  all ages and ignite their desire to learn more about how the past shaped the present.’

– Colin Ziegler, Natural History Museum


Developed in partnership with experts at London’s famous Natural History Museum, each book contains over 30 beautifully hand-illustrated pages.

Follow the journal of Agent Eagle, who has been commissioned by the top secret Eagle-Eyed Explorer Club to find out everything you need to know about the world of Dinosaurs and Bugs!

Both Explorer books include a specially created 1.8m long fold-out timeline of more than 100 of the most incredible dinosaurs or creepy crawlies ever to have lived from millions of years ago to the present day!