Choose your own path through this hilarious world of 400 facts, all of which are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica

Welcome to FACTopia!, a wonderland of crazily connected facts

Choose your own path through this hilarious world of 400 facts, all of which are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Every fact in the book is connected to the next in an ingenious trail of information.

 Here’s a sneak peak inside the world of FACTopia! :


Did you know that a squid has a brain shaped like a doughnut? Or that some butterflies drink turtle tears? Hop from topic to topic in unexpected and delightful ways, and discover what connects a giraffe with the Eiffel tower, or a slice of pizza with Cleopatra. On your awe-inspiring journey, you will find out extraordinary facts about space, bones, dinosaurs, spiders, sharks, robots, ancient Rome and more.

And there’s not just one trail through these pages: sometimes your path branches and you can choose to jump to a totally different, but still connected, part of the book. Where will your curiosity take you? 

This wittily illustrated book is the perfect gift to inspire and delight curious kids aged 8+

Author: Kate Hale

Illustrator: Andy Smith

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 208 pages
  • ISBN: 9781912920709
  • Reading age: 8+ years


Brenda Marshall, The English Association

"A wonderful compendium of facts … The book will surprise you and fascinate you. Fantastic fun for curious children aged 8+."

Books for Topics - May Books of the Month 2021

"From the attention-grabbing orange cover to the final record-breaking endings, this book is a winner … unlikely and interesting connections mean that the reader is continually surprised and never tires of the subject matter, as they might in a more conventional non-fiction text."

@lovinfee, Instagram

“You're never too old to learn something new. FACTopia! puts the meaning in ‘You learn something new every day’. I read it at work when I'm on break or if I want to challenge my kids.”

My Shelves are Full

"Presented in such a unique way, this is not your normal book of facts. It covers plenty of subjects including space, bodies, robots and spiders but it finds connections and links them together so as you travel, you are never exactly sure what is coming on the next page."


"Kate Hale has worked hard to include so much rich and exciting information in this glorious book and covers such a vast array of subjects … [The] easily accessible yet informative style really will appeal to readers of any age or ability."

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough for any reader, pupil, teacher or classroom. It is a superb non-fiction title that has been approached in a unique and creative way. I'm hoping for a sequel to continue the connections very soon!"

Library Girl and Book Boy

"This is one epic, fact-filled book …This brilliant book reads like one of those classic 'choose your own adventure' quest books – but with facts! ... With a cover that pops, clear but enticing layouts, and a bucketful of facts, this is a must-have for curious individuals aged 7+."

Robin Brooks, GeekDad

"Books like the excellent FACTopia! by Kate Hale prove the printed word can still bring its A-game to the table ... There’s a great balance of subject matter, combined with the slightly gross, creepy-crawly type information that children love so much."

"What sets the book apart from others, and I think makes it even more engaging, is its layout. The trail of interconnected facts is a small piece of genius. Combine this with excellent page layout design and entertaining cartoon-style drawings from illustrator Andy Smith and you have a package that will draw young readers in."

@vivizoneofficial, Instagram

“This witty illustrated book is perfect summer reading to inspire and delight curious children aged 8+. I enjoyed discovering all the amazing about facts how the world is connected.”

@alessandra.renee, Instagram

"We are learning so much with our new FACTopia! book from Britannica Books. It covers just about everything about space, bones, dinosaurs, goats, spiders, crocodiles, sharks, robots, Romans, kings and queens, pharaohs, and much, much more!"

@psloveyoutoo, Instagram

"Every fact in the book is connected to the next in an ingenious trail of information and it got us asking more questions that we couldn’t go to sleep without knowing the answer to."

Mister Bodd

"This non-fiction book is full of amazing facts - Accidental inventions is a favourite page in our house! The facts are woven together so that it feels like a choose your own adventure story. Will be a sure fire hit!"

Jane Sandell, @SeasideReader, Twitter

"An information gatherer's delight! The facts are all, more or less, related but can take you off in many directions. An absolute joy."

Teach Primary Magazine

"Pupils can choose their own path through this dazzling world of information ... In a world of misinformation, it’s great to know that the 400 facts in this book have been verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica. With more than 300 witty illustrations and photos, and topics from space and dinosaurs to volcanoes and pharaohs covered, there should be something here for everyone.”

The Week Junior Science + Nature

"Choose your own path through a wonderland of amazing, exciting and sometimes downright silly facts in this brilliant new book."

Kirkus Reviews

“Free association rules in this gathering of hundreds of facts about science, technology, and the natural world.”

Chris Routh, @writeaboutbooks, Twitter

"In this original take on presenting/reading non-fiction have fun exploring an amazing collection of interconnected facts. Follow trails from one bite size piece of info to another or jump to something (a bit) different."

Library Girl and Book Boy, Twitter

"Absolutely brilliant! The fact-fiends in my household are going to love it - packed with weird & wonderful facts, linked in the most obscure ways. Fantastic!"

Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

"There is more than one trail through the wealth of facts included so divergent thinkers can choose to follow their own path … Andy Smith’s 300+ illustrations are huge fun and add to the enjoyment of this collection of facts for curious children (and the occasional adult I suspect)."

Tom Tolkien, The School Reading List

"There’s something for everyone in this compelling and highly readable mini-encyclopedia. This brightly illustrated small hardback is an ideal resource for children to dip into."

@AssetReadingAdvocate, Twitter

"A bright and bold addition to my bookshelf."

Kate Heap, Scope for Imagination

"The bright orange cover is so appealing … Inside, the bite-sized facts are easy to read and digest prompting thought and discussion long after the book has been closed. The illustrations are fun and dominate the page while the arrows between the facts prompt even the most reluctant reader to investigate further."

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

"This coruscating cornucopia of extraordinary facts is truly a fun and fact-filled reading adventure."

@i_teach_things, Twitter

"A goldmine of incredible information presented by linking one fact to the next."

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