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Buckle up for this entertaining, fast-paced history of the world, narrated by author Christopher Lloyd

Buckle up for an extraordinary ride through the 14-billion year history of absolutely everything!


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Written and narrated by best-selling world history author Christopher Lloyd, this remarkable story (which is far more amazing than anything you can make up) sweeps through natural history with the creation of planet Earth, the beginning of life, the age of dinosaurs, mass extinctions and the rise of prehistoric humans. The story then leaps through the ancient civilisations and into medieval times, where wars, revolutions and scientific inventions reshape the world. Finally we arrive in the modern age which brings with it new challenges of pollution, climate change, viral pandemics, and much more. How will a world of 8 billion humans survive in the future?

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Ideal for all ages 7–107, this entertaining, fast-paced narrative history connects all the essential dots of the past with personality, humor, and flair.


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Featured review, Audiofile

"Christopher Lloyd brings personality and humor to the narration of his entertaining and informative history of the world from the big bang to the present day. In just over six hours, this audiobook presents a brief but vivid journey through geological time and the progression of mostly Western human civilization ... Lloyd's enthusiastic narration highlights the drama of the incredible events that shaped our world, and should spark listeners' fascination."

Featured review, NetGalley

“The author is a very engaging narrator, and the explanations and descriptions are easy for a child to understand without dumbing down complex concepts. I could see this being a great listen for a family road trip, as it would keep kids and adults engaged and give everyone a lot to think and talk about."


“This book is amazing! It is packed with very well done research. This book is full of absolutely everything, it is a dizzying amount of information. Great information and Christopher Lloyd's narration was perfect. I think it would be good to have the physical book and the audio book at the same time. It would be nice to mark the amazing information in the book to reference back to it. Listening to Christopher Lloyd read the book with his English accent is hypnotic.”

Michelle S, NetGalley

"I am always a fan of authors narrating their own books, and Christopher Lloyd does not disappoint. He adds perfect inflection where there needs to be and makes the book exciting throughout each chapter. The book itself makes a great introduction to Big History, or an excellent addition to any Big History curriculum ... If you are homeschooling or you have a kid that is a History and/or Science geek this book is perfect."

Katie B, NetGalley

"This audiobook is so perfect for homeschooling families, and parents who want to introduce the entire history of the world in an easy to understand format. It covers everything from the Big Bang to the present day."

Katie B, NetGalley

"The narrator (who is also the book's author) makes the subjects even more interesting. His enthusiasm and inflection were so engaging. It was easy to want to keep listening because he brought the topics to life ... the audio truly enhances the book's information. I think this is a must buy for parents who want their child to be engaged with their history studies through the interesting topics and the top-notch narration."

Jessica S, NetGalley

"Christopher Lloyd’s narration of this book makes the abundance of facts irresistible and completely compelling and impossible to turn off. I am learning so much and could listen to him for hours."

Adriana G, NetGalley

"Overall, very informative, very easy to listen to, and very well presented. This is definitely a good book to have on hand for when you're feeling like you want to learn something but don't want to do it in a boring way."

Reviewer583441, NetGalley

"I can't express enough how much I loved this book! ... It is a concise history of absolutely everything, and zooming back through time it is very interesting to see how much Earth has changed, and how it is very much the same after so many thousands of years. Author, Christopher Lloyd ... includes a lot of material in this compendium, chock full of intriguing stories on how the earth came to be, the history of wars, climates, animals, cultures, inventions, and so much more."

Kathryn J, NetGalley

"This is an amazing book. I think I would use the audiobook in concert with the actual hard copy, since the pictures add so much to the content. The author as narrator is easy to listen to."

Roshni D, NetGalley

"The book is enlightening, and I hope to get my hands on the hard copy soon. Christopher Lloyd, the narrator, has done a brilliant job rendering his writing into speech. His voice is well-defined, his speech clearly enunciated, and his narration well-enthused. My mind didn't waver from the narration at all. This was a 5/5 from me."

Jazzy L, NetGalley

"A history of the world using a 24 hour clock, brilliantly told and presented by Christopher Lloyd ... From the big bang to robots and so much in-between. is it not really everything, yes, not quite. And Lloyd invites us to contact him to tell him what we would like to have discussed in his next book. Top marks."

Rod L, NetGalley

"Absolutely Everything! is a fast-paced snapshot that begins before the Big Bang and takes us up to the modern-day #BlackLivesMatter movement. Lloyd is articulate, funny, interesting and highly knowledgeable, it seems, on almost any subject you could care to know about."

Rod L, NetGalley

"The book and audiobook are promoted for ages seven and above, but any adult would be hard-pressed not to revel in Lloyd’s wonderful narration of facts, figures and cheeky asides. He’s a gold-class storyteller ... Absolutely Everything! is an absolute gem of a book. Its educational value can’t be underestimated, and nor can its entertainment value. If ever a book offered a wow factor, this is it."

The Baking Bookworm

"Absolutely Everything is an enjoyable romp through history that is geared towards older Middle School readers (but those of us a 'little' north of our early teen years can enjoy it too). It comes in print format (with amazing illustrations, so I've heard) but I listened to an eAudiobook version and really enjoyed it … Lloyd gives readers a taste of many different parts of history from the beginning of the earth ... to present day.”

Reviewer 711129, NetGalley

"This was an interesting book, narrated by the author. The book has a lot of information about everything from the start of the universe until the present day. He brings the information with a lot of enthusiasm and makes it a fun experience. It brings back memories from history lessons at school but also adds new insights into why certain things happened and he isn't afraid to say so if things are unknown. And he made connections between topics that I hadn't realised (or forgotten)."

Animesh D, NetGalley

"Actually I don't have words to describe the awesomeness of this work. Christopher Lloyd is a master storyteller and it is quite evident from the way he has written and narrated this work keeping in mind the child readers as well as adults. I am planning to add this audiobook in the library of our school. We have a few learners who suffers from visual impairment. I believe this audiobook will be a great help for students to learn more and for teachers to provide quality education. I highly recommend this audiobook and give it the full 5 stars."

Vanessa E, NetGalley

"I enjoy books that are full of a variety of information. This is a great one. It is perfect for all ages. I can't express enough how much I loved this book!"

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