Audiobook – Absolutely Everything

Buckle up for this entertaining, fast-paced history of the world, narrated by author Christopher Lloyd

Buckle up for an extraordinary ride through the 14-billion year history of absolutely everything!


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Written and narrated by best-selling world history author Christopher Lloyd, this remarkable story (which is far more amazing than anything you can make up) sweeps through natural history with the creation of planet Earth, the beginning of life, the age of dinosaurs, mass extinctions and the rise of prehistoric humans. The story then leaps through the ancient civilisations and into medieval times, where wars, revolutions and scientific inventions reshape the world. Finally we arrive in the modern age which brings with it new challenges of pollution, climate change, viral pandemics, and much more. How will a world of 8 billion humans survive in the future?

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Ideal for all ages 7–107, this entertaining, fast-paced narrative history connects all the essential dots of the past with personality, humor, and flair.


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