British History

  • Posterbook Timeline of British History

    Fabulous 3m long Wallbook displays are fully durable and laminated. What on Earth Posterbooks make stunning displays for bedrooms, playrooms, landings at home or in schools. classrooms, departments, dining halls and reception areas.

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  • British History Timeline Wallbook

    A unique view of hundreds of moments from Britain history depicting kings and queens, top battles, famous houses, heroes and villains from the dinosaurs today on an amazing 2m-long wallchart.

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  • British History Timeline Stickerbook

    What on Earth stickerbooks tell giant stories using stickers on a timeline. This one is all about the amazing story of the History of Britain from the dinosaurs to the present day.

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  • Magna Carta Chronicle

    Produced in partnership with the Magna Carta 800th Trust, the Magna Carta Chronicle combines a newspaper, timeline, crossword, quiz and souvenir copy of the Magna Carta itself.

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  • Magna Carta Chronicle Class Set
    £270.00 £159.00

    A CLASS SET of the Magna Carta Chronicle – contains 36 copies, each with a 2m-long, foldout timeline, newspaper stories, quiz and souvenir Magna Carta. Includes selection of activities for KS2 across History, Literacy and Citizenship.

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