From Guillaume Duprat, winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Non-fiction Illustrator Award, comes EYE SPY, a unique book that uses lift-the-flap interactivity to allow children to see the world through the eyes of their favourite animals – every page is a surprise!

Ever wondered what your cat is watching out of the window? Or how having eyes on the sides of its head changes the world for a horse? And what would life be like if we couldn’t see the whole rainbow or—even stranger—could see in four or five colours instead of only three?


EYE SPY takes children on a whirlwind tour of how eyes work and lets them lift-the-flaps to find out how animals as different as dogs, owls, and chameleons see the same scene. It’s a truly eye-opening experience guaranteed to fuel and satisfy the curiosity of any animal-lover.


You see the eyes of different creatures,

and then you get to see the world the way they do.“

– Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal




Height: 330 mm
Width: 245 mm
Length: 40 pages

Published: 1 October 2018

Hardback  –  Full-colour illustration and lift-the-flap throughout

ISBN: 978-1-9998028-4-4