Welcome to the Eagle-Eyed Explorer Club!


Chris Kitchener isolated

For reasons we cannot reveal, the Eagle-Eyed Explorer Club is recruiting new agents. Not everyone will be up to the challenge, but to test if you are really eagle-eyed, see if you can crack the code below.

  1. Locate the 7 red stamps at the beginning of each of the 7 chapters in Agent Eagle’s Explorer DINOSAURS! journal

  2. Find the numbers inside each stamp in the book and enter the correct SEVEN digit code based on the order of the shapes as shown below…

Shapes Web 1


All successful agents will receive our special certificate of
Eagle-Eyed Curiosity and the first 100 correct entries will win a unique portion of fossilised dinosaur poo!

Dinosaurs Code-Breaker

  • Enter your name and email and Agent Eagle will let you know if you have successfully cracked his secret code!