100 Species that Changed the World

Why don’t humans just cultivate and grow the species that suit them and not bother about everything else? What's the point of biodiversity?


Christopher Lloyd takes a deep history look at some of his 100 Species that have Changed the World, from his book What on Earth Evolved? It’s a fun-packed ride explaining how nature works when there are no humans and then moves on to showing how humans have changed the rules for survival since the dawn of agriculture. He ends with a metaphor for the importance of biodiversity using a railway track, a candle and two plastic champagne glasses. Intrigued? You should be!

The lecture was first give at The Royal Institution in London in 2009

Topics covered

Origin of life, Bacteria, Photosynthesis, Endosymbiosis, Sexual reproduction, Fossil record, Adaptation, Amphibians & Reptiles, Fungi, Pollination, Biodiversity, Mass extinctions, Rock formation, Plate tectonics, Climate change, Ice Ages, Human evolution, Anthropocene

Key Stage

Year 1 to A -Level / Adult audiences