Well done to our March Winner Loui.

April 14, 2017

WELL DONE from all of us at What on Earth to Loui from Kent after winning £100 for his Hydrogen Fusion Reactor proposal. 

Loui is the third winner in our £100 monthly prize giveaway. Our monthly prizes are open to any child who completes one of the activities in our Free to download Activity Book

Hydrogen Fusion Reactor


Loui’s proposal for Hydrogen Fusion Reactor outlines how the reactor will work, potential problems, cost and timings.

“A Hydrogen Fusion reactor is necessary as our ever-developing world will find itself short of power when fossil fuels run out. If no suitable alternatives are found, people will find themselves without power, without communication and eventually without essential commodities. A Hydrogen Fusion reactor can change this.”

Hydrogen Fusion Reactor

We loved the level of detail and amount of research that had gone into Loui’s proposal for an invention that really could help the world. on hearing about his success Loui said,

“Wow, thank you I’m delighted to have won. I have always been fascinated by the idea of Hydrogen Fusion, and now I’ve had an opportunity to present my interest thanks to What On Earth’s activity!”

Loui created his proposal using the Wallbook Timeline collection.

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