Ellis’ Sports and Science Timeline and the Digital Watch

April 03, 2017

Activity 1 is about developing a sense of chronology. Most young people have a large number of facts in their brains, acquired from many different subject areas. This timeline activity lets children think about the order in which things happen.

Ellis spent nearly 2 hours looking at the timelines to find the events in the pictures and then put them in the correct order with his Mum. He picked the digital watch to write about because he didn’t know anything about them and neither did his mum, so a lot of interesting research was required.ellis timeline

Ellis clearly spent a lot of time researching about the digital watch, his report included information about the first ever solid gold watch in 1972 to what countries use watches to play games today.

“The first digital watch had a L E D display. L E D means light emitting diode. The first L E D was made in 1907 so more than one hundred years ago. L E D`s were not found of any use until around thirty years later. L E D watches have red numbers. In England one person sold one of the 400 P1`s for £7,750.00.”

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