Brodie’s dynamite Dino cards wins our £100 prize!

June 13, 2017

Wow! Have you seen this amazing hand-drawn set of Nature Top Trump cards from Brodie in Lincolnshire? A huge dinosaur fan and a talented artist Brodie’s set of cards impressed the whole team here at WoE?

brodie 1

The set includes a range of animals from the scorching Permian era to the present day (including his pet cat Jack). As a Dinosaur fan, most of the set is comprised of dinosaurs and creatures from the Mesozoic era.

brodie 2

“I was so surprised and happy to win! I chose to make dinosaur top trumps cards because I’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, plus I love drawing. I’m going to share my prize money with my sister and then I might buy some model dinosaurs and lego with my remaining money.”

Brodie and Jack

Brodie and Jack

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