Chapter 1 – Nothing to Something

13.8 Billion to 450 million years ago:
The beginning of the universe, life and everything


Christopher Lloyd introduces the first chapter of his best-selling title and audio book Absolutely Everything!

Listen to edited highlights from the audio edition:

Known Unknowns

As clever as we are, there are some things that even the world’s greatest experts can’t really answer. Discover mysteries that are still waiting to be solved!

Activity Corner – Flippin’ Fantastic

Let our Absolutely Everything! activity book guru John Gordon-Reid show you how to create your own ‘flip’-book’ showing the origins of universe, the Sun, and planet Earth. Download a PDF of the activity here.

Other Useful Resources

  • Download our list of additional activity ideas
  • Print out a timeline and geological table from the book
  • See a list of websites and other online resources to find out more about the topics raised in Chapter 1

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Curiosity Learning

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