The Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia: ‘The thinking parent’s Christmas present 2020’

November 09, 2020

The Britannica’s All New Children’s Encyclopedia has received a rave review in The School Reading List. The book’s reviewer, Tom Tolkien, describes the encyclopedia as a ‘stunning achievement’ which is perfect for young readers and he also praises the book’s striking artwork, clever lay-out and design:

‘The blend of engaging and high-quality imagery with thought-provoking chunks of history, science, and culture will challenge and inspire young readers. Ideal for children who love to absorb facts, it will also entice those who want to find out more an yearn to understand the how and why of a topic’.

Tolkien suggests that the book can be used as a fun teaching tool in schools to help educate children, pointing out that the multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter can be used for class quizzes and the ‘Known Unknowns’ sections, outlining mysteries of the world which are yet to be solved, could be used to prompt interesting discussions in philosophy lessons.

Crucially, Tolkien applauds how the encyclopedia champions inclusivity, featuring both male and female experts of different ethnicities and from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and its profiles of important figures who changed history, ‘game-changers’, is also diverse ‘to inspire all children’. He also praises how the encyclopedia encourages children to be discerning readers and to think for themselves in today’s world of information overload and fake news, summing up the encyclopedia as a book which ‘helps educate children to be critical, confident, and independent-minded thinkers’. 

Click here to read The School Reading List review in full

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