What on Earth Autumn Titles receive Three Starred School Library Journal Reviews!

November 08, 2019

Humanimal – Christopher Lloyd, illustrated by Mark Ruffle

“A fun and thought-provoking look at animals that are just like us!” Review by Savannah Kitchens: “an excellent choice for any nonfiction collection”. She praised the way the book is split into topics (community, feelings, intelligence), the “detailed and engaging illustrations” by Mark Ruffle, and particularly loved the way that Christopher included a segment on the many scientists who contributed to the research and to the study of the animal behaviour that is featured in the book!

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Nose Knows – Emmanuelle Figueras, illustrated by Claire de Gastold

“A terrific find for science units on animal behaviour and useful for student browsing!” Reviewed by Myra Zarnowski, the book is filled with flaps that show the noses of different animals and explain how they use their sense of smell as a guide to find food, bond with offspring, impress a potential mate, and more. De Gastold’s large, colourful illustrations bring the text to life!

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Unseen Worlds – Hélène Rajcak, illustrated by Damien Laverdunt

Reviewer Ragan O’Malley recommends this book for all libraries, calling it a “work of art recommended for readers curious about the microscopic world that exists everywhere”. Unseen Worlds explores microscopic animals in 10 different habitats, from the ocean floor to our beds, with the scale and amount of magnification indicated for each. Each habitat has detailed illustrations and also a foldout component that “introduces the habitat and further explains the creatures depicted in the illustration.” O’Malley is particularly enthused with Laverdunt’s illustrations, calling them “truly masterly” in the way that they are “colourful, with meticulous attention to details; they succeed in being both otherworldly and rooted in scientific fact”.

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