What on Earth Happened? From the Big Bang to the Present Day

How old is the Universe? What happened to the dinosaurs? Are humans superior to other living things? Christopher Lloyd’s unique big history epic covers 13.7 billion years in a single, sweeping narrative.

Drawing on disciplines ranging from astrophysics to zoology, What on Earth Happened? presents the whole history of our planet, and shows how life, the universe and everything are connected. With more than 250 pictures and maps, this is the perfect narrative companion volume to the What on Earth? Wallbook.

Height: 24.5 cms
Width: 19 cms
Depth: 3 cms
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-1-4088-3483-1

Alex Kirkpatrick
Star Star Star Star Star

I have been reading your What On Earth Happened? book and it has inspired me to rethink my history teaching. The way you link one event/invention to another is brilliant. Would you object if I borrowed some of your content for use in my History class-notes. At present we are looking at the Crusades and the results thereof. The way you have treated it ie with a wider view on Islam and Islamic know-how and learning is the sort of thing I want to introduce to my Year 7 and 8's. I could waffle on about this all day...but I won't. If you have detected a spike in the sales of the above-mentioned book then it is directly down to me...I fear I may have gone slightly evangelical regarding its importance

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