Magna Carta

The Magna Carta Chronicle: A timeline of 800 years of freedom
  • Magna Carta Chronicle

    Produced in partnership with the Magna Carta 800th Trust, the Magna Carta Chronicle combines a newspaper, timeline, crossword, quiz and souvenir copy of the Magna Carta itself.

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  • Magna Carta Chronicle Class Set
    £270.00 £159.00

    A CLASS SET of the Magna Carta Chronicle – contains 36 copies, each with a 2m-long, foldout timeline, newspaper stories, quiz and souvenir Magna Carta. Includes selection of activities for KS2 across History, Literacy and Citizenship.

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  • Magna Carta Chronicle Class Set & Posterbook Pack
    £395.00 £229.00

    Combine two great offers into one and get a further schools discount. A class set of 36 Magna Carta Chronicles and a set of all FIVE 3m-long laminated What on Earth? timelines – History, Nature, Science, Sport and Shakespeare

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