Magna Carta and the Fight for Freedom

World history author Christopher Lloyd’s new talk takes a giant perspective on 800 years in the fight for freedoms and liberties

Freedom and liberty are words that have been bounded around by politicians for centuries but what do they actually mean? How can we know if we are personally free? To what extent do we live in a truly free society?

Join Christopher Lloyd on an epic ride through 800 years in the fight for freedoms and liberties from the sealing of Magna Carta by King John in 1215 to the present day.

Using a giant 8m-long timeline, specially commissioned by the Magna Carta Trust’s 800th Committee, and a coat of many pockets containing key objects that serve as mnemonics, Christopher will stop off at 10 key moments in the last 800 years showing how today’s ideas of freedom and liberty have evolved through time.

During the talk, which lasts 45 – 90 mins (depending on time available),  Christopher uses a coat of many pockets. Each of the 10 pockets includes an object linked to one of the 10 most significant moment sin the storyof the evolution of freedoms and rights over 800 years.

Magna School School Talk with Christopher Lloyd

Pupils at St Margaret’s Clitherow Primary School, Tonbridge, taking part in a re-enactment of Bad King John being surrounded by the Barons at Runnymede

Topics covered are truly cross-curricular linking history, science, religious studies and citizenship.

They include the Norman Conquest, King John, Black Death, Reformation, American Colonisation Slavery, Women’s Rights, Compulsory Education and Freedom of Speech. The talks can be tailored to suit a wide range of audiences and events including Adults (literary festivals), Teachers (INSET talks for citizenship strand), Schools (Primary or secondary – KS 2 to A level) and Family & Home Education (festivals, societies, education groups).

Magna launch (Scott)

Christopher Lloyd’s talk coincides with the launch of The Magna Carta Chronicle: A Young Person’s Guide to 800 years in the Fight for Freedom which was published on April 20th, 2015, by What on Earth Publishing and the Magna Carta 800th Trust priced at £8.99 (ISBN 9780993019913).


Magna Carta, Black Death, Peasants Revolt, Reformation, American Independence, Banning of Slavery, Suffragettes, Human Rights

Key Stage

KS 1,2 3 and upwards