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Well done to our Feb winner Matthew!

“Thank you! I’m really excited and surprised to find out I’ve won! I enjoyed making the quiz and testing my friends and family but I didn’t think I would win – but I’m pleased I did!”

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Brilliant Marley wins our £100 prize!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at What on Earth to the fabulous Marley from Devon with his AMAZING deck of Top Trump cards! Marley is the first winner in our £100 monthly prize giveaway. Other great entries include Patrick’s quiz and graph and Eliot and Neil’s amazing robotic cookers!


Every Child Should Have This Book!

What on Earth? Author Christopher Lloyd is interviewed on BBC Breakfast about the publication of his World history epic What on Earth Happened? by Bill Turnbull. See how he tackles the tricky issue of is there a parallel universe!

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The Wright Stuff

Home Educators, so often pictured by the press as crazies who have slipped off the system, are vigorously defended by world history author Christopher Lloyd in this 20 minute interview for Channel’s 5’s Matthew Wright.

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A History of the World in 20 Minutes!

Take the ultimate cross-curricular journey stopping off at 20 key moments in the history of planet, life and people using everyday objects.

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‘Wow’ Gifts for Grandchildren

Want to entice the grandkids away from their screens this Christmas? Trying to elicit more than a one word response? Give them a What on Earth? timeline.

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What on Earth shall I give dad?

Dads can be the trickiest of all! Bowl them over with fact-packed, mind-blowing, fast-paced, tedium-busting books bursting with knowledge.

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Are you a Trivia Buff?

Wow your family and friends with your endless knowledge of world history, scientific breakthroughs, Shakespearean characters and sporting records.

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An AMAZING talk, according to Gabe….

Last month we went to a presentation one evening at the kids’ school called “A History of the World in 20 Objects”. The presentation was given by author Christopher Lloyd, who wrote the book “What on Earth Happened”, and it was nothing short of amazing. The kids loved it, Matt and I loved it, and it’s actually resulted in multiple family discussions on historical events that have been both fun and interesting.


King Harold falls at Hastings as Normans invade England

THEY SAY that a month is a long time in politics. It’s even longer if you are an eleventh-century English king. On 25 September, the English king Harold Godwinson celebrated a magnificent victory at Stamford Bridge, in Yorkshire, after defeating an army of Norwegian invaders. But less than three weeks later he lay dead on a battlefield near Hastings, on the south coast, after his army was annihilated by French forces led by William, Duke of Normandy.


Olympics hailed as a triumph

At an ancient sanctuary in one of Greece’s most far-flung corners a historic race took place yesterday between athletes from across the known world.